20 décembre 2009

Fiche artiste de Here


L'aventure Here, longtemps groupe de post-rock, a commencé en 1990, à Prague, quelques temps après la Révolution de Velours, au moment où de jeunes musiciens allaient tomber sur des disques de My Bloody Valentine, The Boo Radleys ou Ride. A l’époque, on trouvait Martin Pecka à la batterie, Pavel Koutny à la basse, Tomas Luska et Znedeck Marek aux guitares, et bien-sûr Michaela Klímková au chant, elle qui allait soutenir de sa voix angélique, le shoegaze nerveux et bouillonnant du premier album, « Swirl » en 1993, et produit par l’inévitable Colin Stuart, qui aura été décidément déterminant pour l’éclosion de la scène shoegaze tchèque.
Peu de temps après, John Peel les invitera à participer à ses sessions sur la BBC, regroupées par Alison Records sur l’album « Sikusaq » deux ans plus tard. Sortie qui scelle la première époque du groupe, avant l’arrivée de la française Valérie et le glissement progressif vers l’avant-garde.

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  1. Impressive! Its nice to find someone is interested in czech music, even shoegaze style, ...unfortunatelly I'm just beginner in french, anyway good work!
    btw: After first EP Here changed singer, vocals on Swirl are completly sung by Michaela Klímková (she also guested on EP)

    I posted some old video here, maybe you'll like it:

    last thing: wishing you nice christmas time and happy new year, keep up good work, greetings from czechia, martin

  2. Dear Martin,

    Thanks a lot for your goodness. I've changed few things in bio like you said.
    If you want to receive english traduction about albums reviews or biography, let me know. I wish I will learn more about this scene thank to you. You could let me your e-mail in a comment I won't valid.

    See U

  3. Dear Victor,
    I see you're well informed about czech shoegaze scene as you mentioned here all the essential bands. All these played live abroad (Here, Ecstasy, Toyen, Naked Souls) or as minor satisfaction appeared on MTV (Sebastians). So, here are some more names:

    Auto Da Fé (dream pop band from Prague with British leader, signed to Go! Discs for a short time)


    Moving Holiday (shoegaze inspired by music of Revolver or Moose, I contributed some info about band and pictures at the link below)


    Tom Is My Sugar (quite hard sound similar to Bleach or Sonic Youth)


    Teen Love Sex Doll (dream pop influenced by Slowdive and such bands...)


    The Raivens (music influenced by madchester, Nirvana, Beatles...)


    All the bands are from the capital city, except Here and Raivens.
    I should mentioned also: The Way, Sheena's Normal Day, Shannen Grey and some more projects of Jan P. Muchow (Nostalgie and Nocturne).
    Interesting music from Slovakia: Blue Sundown, Nylon Union, Skulpey.

    Ofcourse, there are plenty of indie bands in todays czech music, but it's much easier to find it and there's no straight connection between these bands and shoegaze movement in early 90's.

  4. Great !
    Thank you for proposing all this old bands : I didn't known them.
    It will be very useful for all this blog's readers and me, also !